Cu-Inlay PCB "S-MIT®"


  • Taking advantage of copper's high thermal conductivity,
  • Transform the heat from the heated device onto the backside.
  • Light-weight design as the copper is only inserted where heat management is needed.

On-spot heat dissipation

On-spot heat dissipation
Item Standard Specification Note
Base FR-4 35 [μm] Compatible with CEM-3, halogen-free, high Tg material
Thickness 1.0, 1.6[mm] Compatible with 0.6 – 1.6mm
Cu-Inlay Diameter φ2.5, 5.0, 8.0[mm] Please contact us for other diameters.
Cu-Inlay Distance More than board's thickness Please indicate where to insert the copper in the drawings.
Cu-Inlay Shape Round Circle Please contact us for other special shapes such as square, etc.
Cu-Inlay Insert Process Post NC drill or post Cu plating Standard: Cu plating : Cu-Inlay insertion : pattern form
Surface Treatment Specification OSP Also compatible with Pb-free solder level, Ni-Au plating.


Item Test Condition Results
Pin Unevenness Temperature cycle(-65±3[°C] 30[min] 125±3[°C] 30[min])
: Post 500 cycle
A-side: Within +0.03 – 0.05
B-side: Within +0.10 – -0.05
Pin Retention Retention temperature cycle(-65±3[°C] 30[min] 125±3[°C] 30[min])
: Post 500 cycle
Pin condition: Not fallen off
SMT Endurance Preprocess(40[°C]/90[%]/96[Hr])
: Post twice SMT mounting
No floating of pattern, delamination or inflation

Above numbers are actual measurement, not assure the specification.


"S-MIT®" (Shirai Metal Insertion Technology PWB) is a registered trademark of Shirai Electronic Industrial, Co., Ltd.
Patented (No. 5788854)