Environmental Initiatives

Factory Park

Factory Park1
Factory Park2
Factory Park3

Partially public park inside Mikami factory(Yasu, Shiga, Japan).

Certified as "Shiga Low-carbon Brand"

Logo mark of Shiga Low-carbon Brand

Logo mark of
"Shiga Low-carbon Brand"

Our LED base PWB is certified as "Shiga Low-carbon Brand" since it contributes to reduction of energy use and CO2 emission.

Shiga Low-carbon Brand

Establish and operate environmental management system to reduce energy/resource consumption and prevent environmental pollution.

Eco-friendly Energy Consumption Initiatives

We reduce energy consumption of electricity, gas, etc. in each office and factory.

Specific Energy Consumption

Environmental Pollution Prevention Initiatives

For more efficient use of natural resources, we increase waste recycling rate in the factories.

Waste Recycling Rate

Initiatives in Eco-friendly PCB

We research & develop PCB which preserves nature and does not pollute the environment.

  • Halogen-free PCB: Mass production available with Halogen-free material and liquid solder resist.
  • Pb-free PCB: Mass production with Pb-free solder leveler and water soluble preflux.
Halogen-free PCB
Halogen-free PCB
Pb-free PCB
Pb-free PCB

Initiatives for Environment in Each Base

  • Kyoto office participates in conservation activities for Tenjingawa river area to contribute to creating clean cities.
  • Shiga base implements through cleaning around our factories and offices once a year.
  • Power supply by solar power generation (Mikami, Moriyama factory)
Mikami factory
Mikami factory
Moriyama factory
Moriyama factory