Regional Contribution

Regional Contribution

Clean-up Activities

Clean-up activity in Yasu city

Road Clean-up

Rotary Clean-up at Yasu station

Major Clean-up on The Day of Lake Biwa

Before the start of clean-up

We participate the major clean-up on the day of Lake Biwa every year.

Other Activities

We actively involve our neighborhood by implementing factory tour for local elementary and high school students and info session for nearby residents.

(The photo is taken with the elementary school children and our employees after the factory tour)

Every year in August, we participate in Goshu Ondo Festival Kyoto to hand down the traditional culture with a slogan of "Thankful to the water of Lake Biwa".

We sponsor All Japan Lake Biwa Cross Country Championship held in Yasu city every year to contribute to youth development through sports.

We participate a local summer festival nearby Moriyama factory to promote communication with our regional community.

We sponsor Oktoberfest Yasu JAZZ UP! to promote regional cultural activities in Yasu city.

We also involve in donation activities such as Carbo offset or Lake Biwa Environment Paper (environmental preservation activity) through papers we print in our everyday business.