1966 Shirai Seisakusho (original company) was founded by Haruo Shirai (current honorable advisor).

1970 Established Shirai Electronics Industrial, Co., Ltd. Capital of 3,000,000 JPY. Then capital increased to 9,000,000JPY.
1971 New head office / factory built in Uzumasa, Kyoto.
1976 Shiga factory (current Toba factory) built in Yasu, Shiga.
1980 In-line production and automated screen printing process installed in Shiga factory.
1981 CAD room (current head office) built in Umezu, Kyoto.  
1985 Capital increased to 70 million JPY.
Head office moved to Nishikyogoku, Japan.
Muti-layer production line installed.
1986 Affiliated company Shirai Service Center established.
(Name changed to Shirai Trading Service Co., Ltd.)
1988 Ohmi High-tech Co., Ltd. established.
1989 Capital increased to 126,000 million JPY (March), 166,000 million JPY (June).  
1990 Mikami factory built in Yasu, Shiga.
Acquired affiliated company of Nisshin Circuit Ltd. and Shirai High-tech Ltd.
Tokyo, Osaka, Takamatsu, Fukuoka sales office opened.
1991 Capital increased to 561 million JPY (March), 714 million JPY(September).
1992 Nagasaki sales office opened.
Factory park built in Mikami factory.
1993 Kanazawa sales office opened.
1994 Shirai Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd. Established in Hong Kong.
Acquired Glory Electronics Ltd.
Moriyama factory established as NC drilling factory. NC automated drilling line installed.
1996 ISO9001 approved.
1997 Kyushu sales office opened by integration of Fukuoka and Nagasaki sales office.
Shirai Electronics Technology (Hong Kong) established in Hong Kong.
1998 Shirai Electronics (Hong Kong) integrated into Shirai Electronics Technology (Hong Kong).
2000 ISO14001 approved.  
2002 Started PCB automated visual inspection machine business.
Chubu sales office opened in Aichi.

Techwise Shirai Circuits Ltd. established together with Techwise.
2003 Techwise Shirai (Fogang) established.
Production started in March.
2006 Company stock went public on JASDAQ stock trade market on March 13th. Capital increased to 1,212 million JPY.
Capital increased to 1,361 million JPY.
2007 Shirai Electronics Technology (Zhuhai) established in Zhuhai, China.

Development center established in Nakagyo-ku, Japan.

Shirai Electronics Trading (Shanghai) established in Shanghai, China.
2008 Shirai Electronics Trading (Shenzhen) established in Shenzhen, China.
2009 Sales division moved to Production management center.
Head office moved to Umezu, Kyoto (Old CAD center).

Factory in Zhuhai finished construction. Started production in August.
2012 Representative office opened in Bangkok, Thailand.
2014 Glory Electronics Ltd. 100% fully acquired.
2015 Shirai Electronics Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established.
Engineering center opened in Minami-ku, Japan.
2018 New building in Mikami factory built. Name changed to Mikami office.
2019 Shirai Electronics Trading Mexico S.A. de C.V. established in Guanajuato, Mexico.