Message from CEO

I, Minezo Kotani have been elected as a new president and CEO of the company in an annual general shareholders' meeting and directors meeting on 2018/6/27.
Revitalizing the group by adding younger generation power, we will continue pursue sustainable growth and establish robust business base to pass down our vision and policies which is passed down from the company's founder to the next generation and contribute to even more business development.

We have been in the PCB industry for over 50 years since the foundation of 1966, and we continuously produce "new value" for our customers such as our basic double-sided or multi-layer PCB and PCB visual inspection machine and we came thus far that we are the only company in the world that has both PCB and PCB inspection machine business.

What makes us unique in the industry is that we provide one stop-solution from each of our global location to support PCB design, prototype production, mass production and delivery altogether. In such way, we provide "Global & Total Solution" to our customers by assuring quality, cost and delivery.

VISPER, our own inspection machine brand, as well provides total solution to worldwide PCB manufacturers by eliminating human errors and labor costs. VISPER has been installed to 20 countries worldwide and attained international reputation among the industry.

Each of our employee needs to nurture and utilize their own uniqueness and creative mindset for further development. We will continue providing the world-class customer satisfaction by gathering motivated members and keep pursuing the realization of "Global and Total Solution".

President, CEO Minezo Kotani

President, CEO Minezo Kotani