Overview of Overseas Production

  1. Experienced in production of double-sided and multi-layer PCB.
  2. Various production of heavy copper, Cu/Al base, double-sided non-through hole and Cu/Ag paste PCB are available.
  3. Some factories are good at small lot/variety product.
  4. Cost merit in using overseas base material such as Nanya, Shenyi, KB, etc.
  5. Shirai personnel assigned to each OEM companies for fast and smooth communication.

Our production capacity: Shirai Electronics Technology (Zhuhai) Ltd. 100,000m2, Techwise Shirai (Fogang) Circuit Ltd. 110,000m2, 6 OEM companies (3 Taiwan, 2 Hong Kong, 1 China) sums up to total mass production capacity of 310,000m2.